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Island Terrace

Island Terrace Apartments

Applicants interested in the variety of two-bedroom facilities that HCHA has to offer, including Island Terrace Apartments, must meet income qualification standards, citizenship status (for at least one family member/rental rate prorated based upon the number of citizens or legal immigrants present in the home), suitability standards imposed by HCHA, criminal, gang and drug-related background checks and must not be indebted to another federally assisted housing agency.  Other restrictions may apply.  HCHA imposes a minimum rental rate of $50 and a flat rental rate of $788 (Ceiling rents also apply) effective March 1,2024.

Two-bedroom apartments have a combined waiting list and applicants are offered homes based upon availability.  Participants generally do not have the option of choosing a location.  The approximate waiting list time for these homes is not able to be determined at this time.  Applicants needing the accessibility features of an accessible home will receive preference over all other applicants when a home meeting the specific needs of an applicant comes available.

All Public Housing residents must perform eight hours of Community Service per month or be exempted from this regulation (exemption criteria include employment, job training, elderly status, or proof from a medical professional that you are unable to perform this requirement).

Island Terrace Apartments are located on Baumann Drive.  There are a total of 3 two-bedroom, handicapped accessible units.

Smoking is allowed 25 feet from the building.

Amenities include:

  • Spacious layout
  • Range, refrigerator, and air conditioner provided
  • Out front parking.
  • Large kitchen with dining area
  • Laundry hook-ups within the unit.
  • One full-bathroom
  • Discounted cost for optional Expanded Basic cable TV from Charter Communications.
  • Supportive referral services are available.
  • HCHA officer availability and property monitoring.

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