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Capital Improvement Bid Opportunities

The Hall County Housing Authority utilizes contract professionals for many services required to keep the organization running effectively.  All service providers must meet the following requirements to be considered for any HCHA solicitation:

  • Utilize E-Verify for new hires
  • Have 1,000,000 liability insurance and list HCHA as an additional insured on their policy (other insurance requirements may be in effect depending on specific contract)
  • Meet Davis-Bacon wage requirements
  • Department of Labor Wage verification requirements
  • Track and support Section 3 goals for HCHA
  • All HCHA property is drug free and all employees and contractors are required to comply with the drug free workplace requirements
  • Other requirements as specified in the individual contract
  • All contractors are subject to a workmanship history review, HUD debarred status review and other suitability requirements as determined by the Hall County Housing Authority
Contract Professionals interested in responding to the solicitation requests below should contact the Hall County Housing Authority Contract Administrator Chris Jensen at 308-385-5530, ext. 218 for a bid packet or for more information.

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